TURN THE COURSE is a Post-Metalcore band from Schweinfurt (Bavaria, Germany) formed in September 2014. Their style is a new approach to modern heavy music. Combining both - aggressive and melodic parts - a unique modern metalcore sound is created by the band. This sound is rounded off by the very technical instrumentalizations. With their debut EP “No One Can Save Us” (2018) TURN THE COURSE showed their raw, unleashed power. Teaming up with David ‘Dave’ Beule (Ex-Vitja) and Pitchback Studios TURN THE COURSE produced the following up EP “Grey Skies” (2020). Now presenting a fine symbiosis between aggressive modern metalcore, ambient soundscapes, true emotions, technical finesse and dynamic musicality.

At a live concert TURN THE COURSE tear everything with them. They could prove that on several tours (Rotten Tour, 2017/2018; No One Can Save Us Tour, 2019; Lost In Winter Tour, 2020), which led the band through Germany and at concerts with bands like Walking Dead On Broadway.

“For us, our music is more than just a hobby. It’s our passion. We love to play aggressive music that has the ability to resonate with completely different people and speak to them. We can’t wait to see what the future has up for us.” - Felix, Joshua, Dominik, Noah and Dieter // Turn The Course.


Vocals - Felix Scheider

Guitars/Synths - Joshua Simon

Guitars - Dominik Kimmel

Drums - Noah Ries

Bass - Dieter Simon

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